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RT by @ProjectLincoln: If Jason Miller doesn’t apologize to the human race for his existence, we are seriously considering going negative on the dude. It won’t always be this nice.

RT by @ProjectLincoln: Please don’t retweet this video to @DonaldJTrumpJr.

It would be very wrong.

RT by @ProjectLincoln: Thank you so much to @NHJennifer for having me on earlier today! Beware of the algorithms and misinformation on Facebook!

Pinned: .@JasonMillerinDC:

- Doesn't pay child support.
- Has admittedly hired prostitutes.
- Was accused of drugging a stripper with an abortion pill.

So, of course he works for Donald Trump.

# The Breakdown is LIVE with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer, @MarioNicolaiEsq and @KathleenDWarner

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# Join us tonight LIVE at 9pm ET for The Breakdown with @TheRickWilson, @TaraSetmayer, @MarioNicolaiEsq and @kathleendwarner

Questions? We’re here to answer them. Tweet #

Nuestro propio pasado nos ha enseñado una dura lección, no hagamos que la historia se repita.

RT by @ProjectLincoln: .@gop: founded Ripon, Wisconsin 1854

.@ProjectLincoln: founded America, December 2019

# Vote For America is LIVE with @NHJennifer & @lcsenecal with guests @RepCharlieDent, Adam Tracey, & a @RVAT2020 voter.

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RT by @ProjectLincoln: Dolores, an RN caring for her community during COVID, was told to "go back to Mexico like Trump said."

The soul of America is on the ballot.

What are your thoughts and questions as we work together in these final two weeks? #

# Join us today LIVE at 2:30pm ET for Vote For America with @NHJennifer & @lcsenecal, with guests @RepCharlieDent, Adam Tracey, & a @RVAT2020 voter.

We know you have lots of questions. We're here to answer them. Tweet #

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R to @ProjectLincoln: @madrid_mike talks with @ronsteslow about how the pandemic has created more swing states like Iowa in this week’s State of the Vote.

“Covid-19 hits, the President makes it clear he’s not going to take this seriously...and there is a correlation between the increase in infection rates in counties and the decline in Donald Trump’s support numbers.”

RT by @ProjectLincoln: "Trump now feels cornered and exposed. His sense of entitlement is threatened. His grandiosity and superiority are crumbling.... [H]e has spent his whole life branding himself as smarter and stronger and richer than anyone else. [That] persona is being chipped away hour by hour."

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