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Thanks to High Commissioner @mbachelet for adding her voice to this important cause.
I am still baffled that the entire world needs to wrestle the #UKGovt into recognising that granting de facto #impunity for #Torture #Murder & #WarCrimes may not be…

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«JulianAssange: Die Leiche im Keller des Westens»
Danke @derStandardat⁩ für diese ausgezeichnete & tiefgründige Analyse von @OrtwinRosner zum Fall #Assange

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RT by @NilsMelzer: 'The Assange case is not really about Assange, it's about the states and their misconduct but no one ever discusses that'

-UN Special Rapporteur on Torture @NilsMelzer on the 2nd anniversary of #Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange's Arrest


Thanks @Underground_RT & @afshinrattansi for this timely & important interview on the 2nd anniversary of #Assange’s arbitrary expulsion & arrest marking a dramatic turning point in his decade long #persecution for exposing #torture #WarCrimes & #corruption

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The continued impunity for #CollateralMurder epitomizes what the #Assange case is all about:

A man slowly #tortured to death by govts for exposing their lies crimes & corruption.

It has been three days since #ChristofHeyns passed away, and I still cannot find appropriate words.

What a sudden, unexpected, brutal & colossal loss to so many of us in so many ways!


RT by @NilsMelzer: From intimidation to ambushes and kidnapping, many of our @UN colleagues face extreme danger as they carry out their vital work.

We must do everything we can to ensure that those who undertake lifesaving work have the protection they need to fulfil their vital mission.

RT by @NilsMelzer: I want to encourage people to realise the political power and responsibility they have. We are in a crisis of democracy but all is not lost. I’m convinced that if we can increase political awareness around the world, we can move this ship around - @NilsMelzer

RT by @NilsMelzer: If the law was really applied in a democracy there would be no problem of accountability for perpetrators of torture. The fact that there is no accountability shows that we have a crisis of democracy. It's not one bad apple, it's a whole rotten orchard - @NilsMelzer

RT by @NilsMelzer: 📍Tomorrow, 24/03, 2 pm CET
➡️Is police brutality a form of torture?
➡️What is the health impact of "less lethal weapons"?
➡️Do you want to hear more about "democratic policing"? Don't miss a panel with @NilsMelzer @LawOfProtest @rohinihaar among others!

RT by @NilsMelzer: 🇹🇷 #Turkey: Withdrawal from #IstanbulConvention is a pushback against women’s rights and a very worrying step backwards – UN experts.

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RT by @NilsMelzer: As long as our bottom line is a system that puts profit before the health and safety of life on earth, we are racing towards the destruction of our species.

RT by @NilsMelzer: # Turkey: the Erdogan government needs to explain why 50% of its population should not be protected from violence at home. In times of lockdowns with increasing domestic violence this is a message of darkness.

RT by @NilsMelzer: Plants turn sunlight and air into food and medicine. They make soils, rain, and the atmosphere. They create the world and sustain life. And yet for some reason we consider ourselves to be the superior species.

RT by @NilsMelzer: 🇮🇷 #Iran: UN experts demand that Iranian authorities immediately release arbitrarily detained Iranian-Swedish academic #AhmadrezaDjalali who is reportedly in a critical condition and near death after months of prolonged solitary confinement.

Learn more:

RT by @NilsMelzer: 🇰🇲 #Comoros: UN experts call on the Government to immediately reveal the fate and whereabouts of a detainee unlawfully extradited from #Madagascar – Mr. Inssa Mohamed, better known as Bobocha – and demonstrate full commitment to international law.
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RT by @NilsMelzer: Comores 🇰🇲 : des experts de l’ONU @UN_SPExperts dénoncent la disparition forcée de #Bobocha

@WGEID, @NiAolainF, @AgnesCallamard et @NilsMelzer demandent aux autorités comoriennes de fournir des preuves de vie.

RT by @NilsMelzer: As the #GeorgeFloyd trial is about to open, read our new briefing on how police brutality is dangerously rising worldwide, reaching torture levels from Minneapolis to Moscow to Myanmar and beyond

RT by @NilsMelzer: Torture by law enforcement is common in Pakistan. Existing national legislation is insufficient to fight this crime and change mentalities. We ask for new laws to protect Pakistani citizens. #criminalizetorture

Read our report ->

RT by @NilsMelzer: What if we just decided to do it all differently? What if we made the safety, health, education and security of every person our bottom line. Every public policy guided by it. The supreme irony is that our economy wouldn’t fail, it would thrive. So would the earth and so would we
That would require that we all renounce selfishness!

No it’s not #AprilFoolsDay. This is actually happening:

The Appeals Court (really!) found that #MI5 can secretly authorise #murder #rape & #torture as long as the #UKGovt believes “the harm is outweighed by the benefits”.

Let this sink in for a moment…

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RT by @NilsMelzer: A decade of violence, displacement and loss.

Syrians cannot endure another year of this, let alone another 10.

RT by @NilsMelzer: Job Vacancy
Adviser on New Digital Technologies of Warfare

Want to join the @ICRC and work on #newtech, #digital, #cyber, #weapons, #IHL, #policy and #disarmament?

Then this job is for you👇

Application deadline 28 March. Please circulate widely

RT by @NilsMelzer: Famine & hunger are no longer about lack of food.

They are now largely man-made – concentrated in countries affected by large-scale, protracted conflict.

We have a responsibility to do everything in our power to tackle both hunger and conflict, if we are to solve either.

Due to an unrelated emergency & with my sincere apologies to @PCConcordia & participants, this important event will be postponed to a later date to be announced in the coming days - stay put!

Codifying #impunity for #warcrimes & #torture in national law is one of the most corrupt ideas the #UK has come up with in modern times.
Witnessing its creeping globalization is like watching a civilizational car crash in slow motion.

RT by @NilsMelzer: 🇺🇸 #USA: UN experts call on @POTUS to do everything in his power to end executions in the #UnitedStates, at both the federal and state level.

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#StandUp4HumanRights #EndDeathPenalty

RT by @NilsMelzer: Our latest statement with @UN_SPExperts @NilsMelzer, SRVAW WGAD WGPAD calling on @POTUS to end #deathpenalty in the #USA: The death penalty is an abhorrent practice. It serves no deterrent value and cannot be reconciled with the right to life

RT by @NilsMelzer: #HRC46🇺🇳

Relator #ONU @NilsMelzer señaló que el nivel de interacción de los Estados con su mandato revelan la falta de compromiso genuino con la prohibición de la #tortura y los malos tratos.

ℹ️ #DefiendeLosDerechosHumanos

During #HRC46 dialogue with #SRTorture the #UK asked: „What actions can States take to better equip their law enforcement officials to avoid & tackle the use of #torture & uphold #HumanRights?“

Thanks to @swiss_un & @SwissMFA for their consistent & continued support of #SRTorture - very much appreciated!

RT by @NilsMelzer: 💬”Even as women have played critical roles during #COVID19, we have seen a roll-back in hard-won advances in women’s rights.”

- @antonioguterres, UN Secretary General on #InternationalWomensDay

RT by @NilsMelzer: OHCHR | Special representative on violence against children to human rights council: covid-19 pandemic will have devastating short, medium and long-term consequences for children

RT by @NilsMelzer: UN expert @MaryLawlorhrds tells @UN_HRC that between 2015 and 2019, at least 1,323 #HumanRights defenders were killed in 64 countries. She urges States to end impunity to help prevent the murders.

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#StandUp4HumanRights #HRC46

RT by @NilsMelzer: 🔵TODAY

The Human Rights council marks #InternationalWomensDay
and continues deliberations on:

🔹 torture
🔹 violence against children
🔹 children and armed conflict

ℹ️ #HRC46 INFO

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